Ogbon Ojo Osu Kesan Odun  2016 E kaabo si ALAROYE.... iwe iroyin ti n soju omo Yoruba nibi gbogbo

During the political turmoil that followed the death of General Sani Abacha in June 1998, it was discovered that ALAROYE, as a weekly tabloid and a semi-magazine could not cover the daily occurrence of the period. Besides, there came to the market competitors that did no more than bastardize the philosophy of Yoruba journalism.

Because of the need to adequately and timely inform the Yoruba populace of the rapid development around them, AKEDE AGBAYE was born. It was coming out twice a week: Monday and Thursday, and was able to fill the gap for Yoruba readers.
It is a pure news tabloid. It reports event as they happen, with little time for analysis. It is sold at a cheaper rate than the ALAROYE because of the difference in pagination and design.

It is another grassroots newspaper with the ALAROYE culture as its guide. For this, it conveniently takes the second position as the best selling and best produced Yoruba newspaper in Nigeria. The first edition sold about 70,000 copies and till date, it remains the best selling Yoruba tabloid after the ALAROYE.


Before fixing the price of ALAROYE newspaper, one of the major considerations was the purchasing power of the target market. We even at that early stage recognized that most of our readers might actually be people on the very low level of the income scale. These would include drivers, cleaners, labourers, messengers, artisans and those whose expendable income would not allow them purchase newspapers, even when they know their importance.
Because of this, it was ensured that the price of ALAROYE was brought to the level of its readers: N20:00 (twenty naira) only per copy when its English counterparts were being sold for N40:00 (fourty naira) only.

This obviously came with its detriments: the pagination was shoked. It was a twelve page newspaper which could not carry enough interviews, lengthy research works and diverse feature articles.
A way was later found out. A monthly magazine would be produced. It would be twenty-eight pages and sold for N50:00 (fifty naira) only with colour front and back pages. This gave birth to ALAROYE MAGAZINE.

It came out on the last Tuesday of August 1998. It carried the story: Itan Igbesi Aye M. K. O. Abiola (The life and time of MKO Abiola). The fear that it would not sell much later proved unfounded as that edition sold 120, 000 copies. The September edition sold 135,000 and the magazine immediately found its niche.
Major Nigeria political history, in-depth research on Yoruba culture, education on Yoruba history and way of life, and views of respected Yoruba/Nigerian leaders are what make the magazine a compendium for the grassroots. The ALAROYE MAGAZINE continues to grow, and remains one of the leading magazines in Nigeria.


E tun le pade wa lori ero
Eyin na e so si oro yii o
Nje awon Boko Haraamu le dekun ati ma ju bombu kaakiri ile yii ?

E wo esi ibo nibi yii


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